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Filling in Forms
Madrid Connect > Filling in Forms

Fill in a form

To fill in a form in a language you don´t understand can be a huge pain. The list below might help to keep one's spirit up.


NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) = foreigners temporary ID number
DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) = ID number for Spanish citizens. (same number as N.I.F, tax ID number for all individuals)
Extranjeros residentes = foreign residents
El solicitante = the applicant
Visado De corta duración = short term Visa
Estancias de duración = length of stay
Solicitud de Permiso de Trabajo = work authorization application
Requisitos de la solicitud = requirements for the application
Permiso de Circulación = driving permit
Seguro médico = medical insurance
Seguro social = social security
(A few government offices: ) Oficina de Extranjeros = immigration office
Delegacion de Hacienda = Spanish tax office

Filling in forms:

Appellido = surname
Lugar de nacimiento = Place of Birth
Pais de nacimiento = Country of Birth
Fecha de nacimiento = Birth date
Estado civil = Martial status
S oltero/a = Single
C(casado/a) = married
V? = widowed
D(divorciado/a) = divorced
Pais de nacionalidad = Country of Nationality
Domicilio = Residency
Localidad = Area
Piso = Flat or Floor (in forms usually refers to floor)
Motiva por el que solicita el .. = motive
for the application for a ...

siguiente = following
Rellenar = fill in
en este mismo order = in that order

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