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...of Madrid

In Madrid the most popular celebrations take place during the spring and summer. The major festivals are Dos de Mayo, San Isidro, La Paloma and La Almudena. Almost every shop will be closed on these days.

Dos de Mayo - 2th of May: Fiestas de la Comunidad Autònoma
This festival remembers the rebellion against the French in 1808, held in the Plaza Dos de Mayo. Concerts, open-air dancing, sporting events and other cultural activities take place.

San Isidro - 15th of May: Fiestas de San Isidro, patron of Madrid.
The 15th of May marks the start of the celebrations surrounding the month-long Fiestas de San Isidro. This festival honours the patron of Madrid and is the liveliest popular festivity in Madrid.
There are concerts, performances and corridas. The most important bullfights in Spain take place in Madrid’s Plaza de Ventas bullring at that time.

La Paloma - 6th -15th of August: Fiestas de San Cayetano, San Lorenzo y la Paloma
August is the month of celebration in some of the typical districts of Madrid. From the 6th to the 15th the festivals are commemorated with processions, open-air dancing and sideway concerts in the park of the Vistillas and vicinity.
The fiesta of the Virgin La Paloma comes immediately after those of San Cayetano and San Lorenzo. On the 15th of August a statue of this virgin is paraded through the streets.

La Almudena - 9th of November
La Almudena is the female patron of Madrid. On the 9th of November she is remembered. Allegedly her image was brought to Spain by Apostle Santiago (St. James). When the Moors invaded in 783, the image was hidden inside the city wall. Like the legend told, the wall fell two centuries later and exposed the same lit candles she had been hidden with.

...of the districts

Also in Madrid the different districts - "barrios" - or neighbourhoods enjoy their own popular celebrations.

Fiestas of the Melonera; 11th -15th September

Fiestas of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad; 12th – 15th September
Fiestas of San Pedro; 27th – 30th June
Fiestas of Santa Bárbara; 4th – 7th July
Fiestas of the old historic centre; 12th – 14th July
Fiestas of Santiago; 25th – 28th of July

Fiestas of San Lorenzo, San Cayetano and la Virgen de la Paloma; 27th – 15th August

Ciudad Lineal
Fiestas of Convivencia; 28th – 30th June
Fiestas of Barrio de San Vincente; 28th – 30th June

Fiestas of Carmen; 12th – 16th July

Fuencarral-El Pardo
Fiestas of El Pardo; 2th – 8th September

Fiestas of la Dehesadel Príncipe; 27th – 30th June
Fiestas of las Aguilas; 29th of June – 7th of July

Fiestas of San Federico; 18th – 21st July
Fiestas of Nuestra Señora del Buen Camino; 6th – 8th September

Puente de Vallecas
Fiestas of Entrevìas; 28th of June – 7th of July
Fiestas of Carmen; 12th – 16th July

Fiestas of District; 4th – 7th July

Fiestas of San Fermìn; 4th – 7th July

Fiestas of the District; 27th – 30th June
Fiestas of la Virgen la Presentaciòn; 14th – 15th August

Villa de Vallecas
Fiestas of la Virgen de la Torre; 7th – 15th September

Fiestas of San Cristóbal de los Àngeles; 5th – 10th July
Fiestas of Villaverde Bajo; 25th – 28th July
Fiestas of Villaverde Alto and Ciudad de los Àngeles; 12th – 21st July

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